Manually Importing the Library

Using our Nexus repository is the easiest way to integrate DyScan. You can see instructions for this process on the Android Integration Guide.

After getting the access token for Dyneti's repo access, go to any temporary directory outside your project directory and clone our repository with the following terminal commands:

git clone
git checkout master

When asked for a password for user "dyscan", paste the access token that we provided.

Import dyscan.aar file from the cloned repository into Android Studio by going to File -> New -> New Module... and selecting Import .JAR/.AAR Package. On the following page, select the dyscan.aar and leave the subproject name as dyscan, and then finally click finish.

This has created the new subproject, but now you must add the dependencies to your app-level build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    // Other dependencies are here
    implementation project(':dyscan')
    // required since version 1.2.0
    implementation 'org.tensorflow:tensorflow-lite:2.1.0'
    // required since version 1.5.0
    def camerax_version = "1.2.2"
    implementation "${camerax_version}"
    implementation "${camerax_version}"
    implementation "${camerax_version}"
    implementation "${camerax_version}"

You will have to keep track of the library version manually, and when you want to upgrade to a more recent version, you will have to manually download the library and replace it.

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